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This isn’t just a disclaimer, it’s simply sound judgment. There is Absolutely NO Guarantee of how much cash you will make selling promotions. Underneath just diagrams the possibility to bring in cash on a given Eat Directory on the off chance that you sell, sell, sell.

The real measure of cash you will cause will to be straightforwardly pertinent to how great you are at deals and how long you give… Like whatever else throughout everyday life!

ASSUMPTION: You sell out the 204 total spots available within a one year period and collecting two 6 month payments with no discounting…

(204 divided by 50 weeks is only 4 ads per week that need to be sold)

Gross income $80,928.
($39.mo. 3@top of each category $29.mo. remaining 9 spots – Plus $49.mo. for the 12 sponsor ads that appear on 19 pages)

Expenses $13,050.
Ad design and upload cost $25. X 204. + $25. X 102 for re-ups (estimated) = <$7,650> Monthly Lease $450. X 12 = <$5400.>

Annually $67,878.
Gross Profit – divided by 50 weeks is $1357. weekly.

A decent sales rep can undoubtedly sell somewhere around two registries without anyone else which could return up to $135,756 in yearly Gross Profit. More Directories under your influence, more cash.

https://youtu.be/Sa5t-Hx8A7YA bit of Business Startup Reality from
Mark Cuban as told to Inc. Magazine