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Here’s What You Get for Free…

Eat Leasing Directory Website customized to your town, your name and your contact information.

300 EAT Pens with the Directory Logo & Web address to give out to servers at various area Restaurants.

250 2-part NCR Forms

250 Color Trifold Brochures

Custom outgoing message for your phone. Listen to an actual message: Listen

An Excel Spreadsheet with Your area Restaurants, addresses and emails (where available).
An HTML email to send to Restaurant owners prior to visiting them.

250 Full Color 6 X 11” Postcards to send to Restaurant owners prior to visiting them.You can be in business for yourself for $450. Per month. You simply pay 6 months in advance, that is your buy in and you get everything above customized for you, a $700. Value, Free of Charge!

in case you’re not able to have a bit “dog in the fight” and not willing to give it a strong a half year of exertion, let’s be honest, you’re not prepared to be good to go for yourself…

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