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The new self-employment landscape and perspective will be altered by the new concept of renting a business. This novel technique, with its cheap cost, low risk, and high profit potential, will undoubtedly spark a fresh debate about business ownership.
With all of the benefits of business ownership combined with virtually no long-term risk and affordable monthly rent, it’s only natural that many additional business prospects will follow suit.
Eat Leasing is an online restaurant directory that provides a complete solution for self-employed individuals. Candidates just need a “can do” mentality and the ability to sell, allowing anybody to become their own boss even if they lack the requisite funds or expertise to start their own firm. Anyone with drive and sales ability can convert a website into a virtual money engine in this digital age, and Eat Leasing is that absolutely simple, requiring no technological knowledge. An extra advantage is that the Rentrepreneur is allowed to sell the business whenever, and keep the returns, and the future purchaser just accepts the month to month lease to proceed not surprisingly.

You sell ads, day after day you make a living, and you may even enjoy your work…But what if you had complete control over everything you’ve already demonstrated you’re capable of?
Eat Leasing Directory is a unique advertising sales approach created specifically for restaurants. We are brand new, and we’re hungry, and you can get in on the first floor with only a little monthly payment and no credit check.
You’ll have your own Eat Leasing directory in your area. We’ll serve as your fulfilment center, production team, website, and team members. We’ll provide you with everything you need to make this happen, including a top-notch product and flawless service…
The rest is You!
In approximately two weeks, you’ll be up and running, and your business will radiate professionalism and steadiness. When you add in your sales talent, you’ll be on your way to success…
Let’s face it, people don’t purchase the ads you’re selling; what they do buy is YOU. We wish to work with you since you are a well-known brand!
Click here to see an example of an Eat Leasing Directory.

All of the Sales Income Goes to You Directly.
No more Commissions, No more Quotas…